Taking a Note From the Blind

My Freshman year in the Visual Communications Design program at Virginia Tech I did a project during which I was blind for a day. This project I made later my collage career is in reference to lessons I learned during my earlier project. When I was blind for a day the the most important thing I learned was that you could no longer judge people by appearances because you literally could not see them, all that was left was exactly who that person was. I turned this lesson that I learned into a 3d wooden poster that, due to low contrast you could not read from a great distance. As a result, the poster forces the viewer to get up close to the poster and get to know it. The three dimensional quality allows the viewer to physically feel what the poster is talking about. In addition to this it was constructed out of layered plywood which is a reference to the depth of the human personality.
  • Date: 08/03/2015
  • Categories: Packaging, Print